When you need residential snow removal near me, Greenscape NEO offers residential driveway snow plowing services for homeowners across Northeast Ohio. We also offer snow-blowing services for immediate clearing of light snowfall from your driveways and sidewalks.

Greenscape NEO has snow plow crews ready and available to clear residential areas of snow at all times. We can do a complete job of snow removal from residential areas, leaving your driveways, walkways, and sidewalks clear and in the safest condition possible, without damaging your pavement.  

Our years of experience in snow clearing and removal operations in residential areas, with different snow removal options, are offered at competitive prices, so residential owners get the best possible value from their snow removal service.

The most common snow removal services typically required by residential homeowners are:

  • Snow-Plowing Services
  • Snow-Blowing Services
  • Emergency Snow/Ice Removal
  • Snow Melting/ De-icing

We offer complete snow removal services for all residential areas. Salting, snow plowing, and de-icing are just some of our snow removal services.  We also offer bulk salt sales for use in residential snow removal applications, such as driveways and sidewalks, and we deliver to residential areas. For residential snow removal near me, we clear snow from all residential areas and properties to open up access to all areas of a property, and to improve safety for people and equipment during the winter months.

Greenscape NEO offers seasonal contracts to ensure that the winter season’s first snow is immediately removed, thereby prevent snow build-up on your residential property. We offer a full range of snow removal and other winter landscaping maintenance services to ensure that a residential property stays snow-free and safe from the possibilities of winter accidents. 

To make it more comfortable for our clients, we have several good options for residential snow removal services. According to your snow removal requirements, the residential owner only needs to weigh the costs and benefits of our snow removal options.

Our emergency snow and ice removal for residential areas not only focuses on clearing and salting driveways and sidewalks, but we also evaluate and check the load-bearing capacity of residential roofs to advise homeowners about the need to immediately clear their roofs of ice and snow in order to prevent unnecessary damage and costly repairs. 

If needed, we can perform emergency snow removal services to immediately clear your roof if the local snowfall becomes particularly heavy. We provide residential homeowners with snow melting mats that can quickly melt snow from your stairways and entryways so the path from your entryway to the driveway can be kept slip-free, safe, snow-free and dry.

Why is removing snow from your driveways is important for residential owners?

Greenscape NEO knows that as a residential property owner, you must have a solid residential snow-removal plan in place before the arrival of the winter months. It is important to remove snow from residential driveways and sidewalks to ensure the safety of residents as well as visitors. As a residential snow removal company near me, we are experienced in the correct snow removal methods to avoid unnecessary damage to your residential driveway, pavements and sidewalks. Residential owners can relax and have our professionals do the snow removal work.

Residential driveway safety is crucial during the winter months, considering the dangers of slip and fall accidents and issues from winter ice. Greenscape NEO’s crews use snow plows and other snow removal methods that are deemed necessary to remove snow from your property. We spread rock salt or de-icing chemicals on all residential driveways and sidewalks to inhibit slippery ice formation during the winter months.

Greenscape NEO also offers advanced options for residential property owners to choose from for their residential snow removal requirements. These methods avoid the need for using snow plow on residential driveways and sidewalks altogether:

Installing a heated driveway

install permanent driveway heating systems within your driveway as an alternative to hiring snow removal personnel during the winter months. The installation of driveway heaters is a very effective option of keeping your driveways clear of ice and snow for the entire winter season.

Installing heated driveway mats

we install these portable, heated driveway mats to residential properties to clear your driveways of ice and snow during the winter months. We also install remote controls to the heated mats to allow them to be easily controlled by homeowners from indoors. Consider heated driveway mats to be very efficient in removing driveway ice and snow, and durable enough to remain outdoors the entire winter season.

Utilizing alternative deicers

residential property owners sometimes prefer alternative snow removals deicers such as urea, calcium chloride, or rock salt. These alternative driveway and sidewalk deicers are an eco-friendly way of removing snow and ice from your driveways and sidewalks. Although these alternative residential snow and ice removal deicers are labor-intensive to apply and have some possible corrosive effects on vehicles and equipment, as a longtime provider of residential snow removal near me, we consider these alternative snow removal methods as an economical method of removing ice and snow from your driveways and sidewalks.

Snow and ice removal from residential properties is extremely important to minimize the high risk of injury from slipping accidents during the winter months. As an expert in residential snow removal near me, we strongly urge you to hire a professional for removal of snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks in order to avoid exposing yourself to any liability risks.

When considering a snow-removal plan for your residential property, it is worth taking into consideration if the chosen snow and ice removal method is effective, cost-efficient, and will protect residential driveways and sidewalks from damage. To gain peace of mind that your residential property is prepare for winter and to avoid unnecessary costly residential property repairs come the warmer months, hire Greenscape NEO professional residential snow removal service near me.

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